Elan pH / millivolt SIGNAL GENERATOR

Elan pH / millivolt Signal Generator

The Elan pH / millivolt Signal Generator is used to calibrate and check operation of swimming pool / spa type automatic controllers.

Features include preset or adjustable outputs for quickly performing two point calibration of both pH and millivolt/ORP controllers.

Calibration feature ensures output accuracy.

Unit enters low-power sleep state after ten minutes without keypad activity to conserve batteries.

Output signals available through BNC connectors (replaceable twelve inch long RG-174/U coax cables included).

 Dimensions : 4" x 7.5" x 1.5"
 Power : 4 AA-Type Alkaline Batteries
 Display : 1 x 16 LCD
 Range: 0.0 pH to 14.0 pH
 0 to 999 millivolt DC

 PRICING: $185.00(US) FOB Hinsdale Illinois USA
 DELIVERY:  Stock to Ten (10) days ARO

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